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These Consumer Trends May Define the Next Decade of Property and Casualty Insurance

Major changes predicted to beset the insurance industry are finally here. The..

Alex Bodner
Proper Communication and Understanding Value Drive Price Satisfaction and Retention

Price and Policy Offerings are key components of auto insurance satisfaction,..

Colleen Cairns
The Future of Agency Distribution: Overcoming Headwinds

Agent-based carriers still control a plurality of U.S. personal auto premiums,..

Alex Bodner
The Importance of Making the Claimant Feel at Ease During FNOL

First notice of loss is one of the most important parts of the claims..

Robert Lajdziak
Brand Image, Experience, and Growth: What it Takes to Win New Business

Consumers have greater access to information today about products, services,..

Kyle Schmitt
Ensuring Customer Communications are Aligned with Expectations

The following is the third excerpt from our upcoming post “Are personalized..

Robert Lajdziak
Do you have Life Insurance or an Annuity? Do you still remember why you bought it?

The Life Insurance and Annuities industries have some catching up to do in..

Dave Pieffer
Claims Communication: Managing to the “Right Mix”

Over the past decade insurance companies and the many service providers..

Kyle Schmitt
Aligning Customer Expectations with Underwriting Philosophy

The following is the second excerpt from our upcoming post “Are personalized..

Tom Super
States with the Most and Least Affordable Auto Insurance, and Which Carriers May Save You the Most

It’s not your imagination: Auto insurance is getting more expensive.

Kyle Schmitt
Do Customers Understand What Factors Set Insurance Rates? Should They?

The following is an excerpt from our upcoming post “Are personalized auto..

Colleen Cairns
Demand for Digital is Increasing among Small Commercial Customers

Small business owners are increasingly seeking fast and simple digital..

Dave Pieffer
Simplicity, Speed & Transparency in the Claim Process

There is a great deal of focus on speed and simplicity in the claim process due..

Hitting the Effective Communication Moving Target

In many cases, more of something is better than less. However, insurers that..

Jared Stevenson
Customer Convenience in Digital Insurance

Outward Facing Digital Properties are a Means to an End

Kyle Schmitt
Why Carriers Struggle to Differentiate with Digital and End Up Paying a Penalty

Customers have plenty of options when choosing an insurance carrier, and there..

Tom Super
The Next Insurance Battleground: High-Value Customers

With just 2 percent of new consumers entering the personal lines auto insurance..

Insurance Emerging Technology Study: Digital Underwriting

Customers remain unclear on what data and factors determine their auto..

Tom Super
Progressive & GEICO Capture 54% of Auto Premium Growth in 2018 as Direct-to-Consumer Model Gains Traction

Auto insurance revenues grew 6.2% industry-wide last year, topping off at a..

Dave Pieffer
Customer-Centric Strategies: Insurers Have Some Catching Up To Do

Carriers still lag the marketplace in embracing the customer as the center of..

The Importance of Providing A Satisfactory FNOL Experience

In an industry of few interaction touchpoints, first notice of loss (FNOL) is..

Robert Lajdziak
The Evolving Role of Agents in the Digital Age

I have an agent? What do they do?

Kyle Schmitt
AI and Insurance: what do customers really think?

With AI generating profound improvements to loan underwriting, is it only a..

Colleen Cairns
The Era of Consumer‐Centric Insurance

The P&C insurance industry continues to undergo unprecedented change. Customers..

Jessica McGregor
Closing the Performance Gap in Medicare Advantage Insurance: Case Study

One of the largest Medicare Advantage health plans in the U.S. wanted to..

Dave Pieffer
2019 U.S. Property Claims Satisfaction Study Results are In!

Overall Property Claims Satisfaction Solid for Insurers, But Many Still Fall..

Robert Lajdziak
Celebrating 20 Years of Auto Insurance Insights

2019 marks the 20th anniversary of the J.D. Power Auto Insurance Study.

Tom Super
2019 Canada Auto Insurance Study Results are In!

Canada Auto Insurance Study: Satisfaction with Auto Insurers at Risk as..

Tom Super
2019 Independent Agent Study Results are In!

Insurers Come Up Short for Independent Agents Despite Critical Role Agents Play..

Jessica McGregor
Improving Personal Lines Insurance Customer Billing: Case Study

A Top 10 Property & Casualty Insurer was looking to overcome challenges..

Dave Pieffer
2018 U.S. Auto Claims Satisfaction Study: Lessons Learned

Handling claims “well” must be a core value of any insurance carrier or they..

Robert Lajdziak
Justifying the Investment in Digital Self-Service Channels

In the insurance industry, carriers are fighting an uphill battle to generate..

Tom Super
Progressive Takes Aim at Multi-Line Insurers

With much of the property/casualty insurance industry’s attention focused on..

Helping consumers understand the value of cyber insurance

As more people choose to expose their personal information on digital..

Linking P/C Auto Insurance Customer Experience to Improved Financial Value

For those companies that have yet to make customer experience a strategic..

Tom Super
The time is right for home telematics

While the full impact of automated vehicle technology may be decades away, auto..

Carolyn Kibat
Infographic: The Digital Differentiator

Small commercial insurance customers are most satisfied when they exclusively..

Robert Lajdziak
Record High Customer Satisfaction Leads to New Challenges for Insurers and Heightened Customer Expectations

For insurers, record satisfaction is uncovering new challenges as customers’..

Jessica McGregor
Usage-Based Insurance Provides Strong Benefits to Insurers, But Consumer Adoption Remains Low

Usage-based insurance (UBI) availability continues to grow for auto insurance..

Top 5 Mega-Trends Influencing P&C Insurance Shopping

The P&C insurance industry is experiencing unprecedented change and potential..

Dave Pieffer
Building Strategic Plans: How Customers are Changing the Game

If you are responsible for or simply involved in creating, implementing, or..

The Need for More Effective Digital Interaction Represents Opportunity for Insurers

As insurers struggle to grow with fewer shoppers and new buyers in the market,..

Are opioid education and state reforms affecting workers’ compensation claims?

One of the greatest challenges facing the industry in workers’ compensation..

Dave Pieffer
The Changing Nature of the Agent-Carrier Relationship in a Customer-Centric World

Agents still have a vital role in providing expertise and guidance throughout..

Robert Lajdziak
Insuring Automated Vehicles—Measured or Mayhem?

Auto insurers take many factors into account when pricing a policy for an..

Jessica McGregor
Claims Excellence and the Impact on Insurer ROI

CAT events and higher claims severity, particularly in auto, continue to put..

Colleen Cairns
Personalization will be the Next Digital Challenge for Insurers

With more than 75% of P&C customers using digital service providers, such as..

Carolyn Kibat
Robert Lajdziak
Automated Vehicles: Liability Crash Course

As the automotive industry is undergoing the most significant transformation in..

Natural Disaster Severity and the Impact on Customer Satisfaction

The severity of natural disasters reached a record $306B in 2017, with the..

Robert Lajdziak
Digital Interactions Are Changing Expectations and Roles of Agents

The growing preference for digital servicing, which is not limited to but..

Tom Super
Why Insurance Headquarters Must Evolve

An industry once dominated by channels is now being driven by consumer..

Jessica McGregor
P&C Independent Insurance Agents Demand Excellence

Independent agents are a force that P&C carriers cannot ignore. 

Greg Hoeg
The Financial Benefits of Customer Satisfaction

One of the oldest axioms in business says that if you take care of your..

Colleen Cairns
Why Chat is Becoming Table Stakes for Insurers

For today’s consumers, digital channels have become their preferred choice when..

Dave Pieffer
Buyers Aren’t Happy With Their Cyber Insurance

On any given day, it is hard not to read an article or report on some type of..

Carolyn Kibat
Infographic: Customer Satisfaction Impact on Growth & Retention

How big of an impact does customer satisfaction have on growth and retention?

Robert Lajdziak
Benefits of Home Tech for Carriers and Customers

Customer preferences and expectations for interacting with their home..

Dave Pieffer
Balancing Cost and Customer Satisfaction in an Increasingly Digital World

With the current combined ratio in personal lines running around 103%1 and a..

Tom Super
Are You Winning the Capital Arms Race?

The recent gains in the global financial markets have reinvigorated insurer..

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