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Robert Lajdziak
Brand Image, Experience, and Growth: What it Takes to Win New Business

Consumers have greater access to information today about products, services,..

Robert Lajdziak
Do you have Life Insurance or an Annuity? Do you still remember why you bought it?

The Life Insurance and Annuities industries have some catching up to do in..

Robert Lajdziak
The Evolving Role of Agents in the Digital Age

I have an agent? What do they do?

Robert Lajdziak
Celebrating 20 Years of Auto Insurance Insights

2019 marks the 20th anniversary of the J.D. Power Auto Insurance Study.

Robert Lajdziak
Justifying the Investment in Digital Self-Service Channels

In the insurance industry, carriers are fighting an uphill battle to generate..

Robert Lajdziak
Record High Customer Satisfaction Leads to New Challenges for Insurers and Heightened Customer Expectations

For insurers, record satisfaction is uncovering new challenges as customers’..

Robert Lajdziak
Insuring Automated Vehicles—Measured or Mayhem?

Auto insurers take many factors into account when pricing a policy for an..

Robert Lajdziak
Automated Vehicles: Liability Crash Course

As the automotive industry is undergoing the most significant transformation in..

Robert Lajdziak
Digital Interactions Are Changing Expectations and Roles of Agents

The growing preference for digital servicing, which is not limited to but..

Robert Lajdziak
Benefits of Home Tech for Carriers and Customers

Customer preferences and expectations for interacting with their home..

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