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Mortgage Servicers: The Importance of Engaging Low Maintenance Customers

J.D. Power Primary Mortgage Servicer Satisfaction Study

While mortgage servicers have invested time and resources into assisting the customers most in need over the past 18 months, they should not overlook their low maintenance customers. J.D. Power’s 2021 Primary Mortgage Servicer Study finds that one-fifth of current mortgage customers ( …

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How The Pandemic Created Unforeseen Challenges across the Mortgage Servicing Industry

J.D. Power U.S. Primary Mortgage Servicer Satisfaction Study

On July 21st, J.D. Power will publish the results of the J.D. Power 2021 U.S. Primary Mortgage Servicer Satisfaction StudySM. This year’s study shows how the pandemic created unforeseen challenges across the mortgage servicing industry. With respect to the myriad of government-mandate …

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Consumer Financial Literacy and Wellness in an Unprecedented Year

J.D. Power Financial Health

The pandemic has re-shaped how consumers think about their financial situation and goals. To help banks better understand these changing customer needs, J.D. Power launched Polaris, a series of pulse survey studies to measure consumer sentiment and provide critical insights. J.D. Powe …

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Financial Advisors and The Effective Use of Social Media Channels

Financial Advisors and The Role of Social Media

Merrill Lynch Wealth Management recently announced that it was revamping its training program for 3,000 trainee brokers, including placing a ban on cold calling and expanding the initiative’s accessibility to attract more diverse talent. Participants will be directed to use internal r …

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Halfway up the Mountain: The Ascent of the Wealth Management Experience

J.D. Power Ascent of the Wealth Management Experience

The Wealth Management industry has made great progress over the last decade. It was not long ago when pitching stocks to strangers over the phone was the norm. Now, a combination of increased expectations on the part of consumers, regulators and the industry itself have propelled weal …

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Auto Lenders Need to Adapt to Online Reality

J.D. Power recently published the J.D. Power 2021 Canada Dealer Financing Satisfaction Study. I sat down with Canadian Auto Dealer to discuss the key findings from the recently.

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Digital Reliance For Financial Advisor Client Interactions

J.D. Power Financial Advisor Satisfaction Study

According to the 2020 J.D. Power Financial Advisor Satisfaction Study, the single most critical KPI driving advisor satisfaction and loyalty was “technology offered by my firm has improved.” Advisor reliance on technology to manage all aspects of their practice has been growing for ma …

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Wealth  Weekly Insights: Understanding investor values and specialized needs

According to the recently released J.D. Power 2021 Canada Full-Service Investor Satisfaction Study, Millennials and Gen Z1 investors who strongly believe their investment firm is committed to ESG (environmental, social and corporate governance) investing are twice as likely to increas …

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From the Vault: High Marks for Digitally Oriented Banks as Americans’ Financial Health Shaken During Pandemic

As the country moves into recovery and we prepare to share the results of the inaugural 2021 J.D. Power Financial Health and Advice Study on June 16, 2021, we wanted to share insights around the state of Americans' financial health amid the pandemic published last October.

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Nearly Half of DIY Investors Don’t Completely Understand Their Fees

According to the recently released J.D. Power 2021 U.S. Self-Directed Investor Satisfaction Study, nearly half (46%) of DIY investors don’t completely understand their fees, despite virtually all major firms having eliminated per trade commissions. The lack of transparency around how …

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J.D. Power Polaris April Report: Financial Health Insights

J.D. Power Polaris monthly reports look at today’s banking and card customer through the lens of their financial health. J.D. Power’s inaugural 2021 Financial Health & Advice Program publishes in the U.S. and Canada on June 24, 2021. Subscribers have access to monthly pulse report …

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U.S. Retail Banks Nail Transition to Digital during Pandemic

The nation’s retail banks have successfully navigated an historic transformation in which a record 41% of customers are now digital-only and although 24% of customers say they are worse off financially, overall customer satisfaction has increased. According to the J.D. Power 2021 U.S. …

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