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Patrick Roosenberg
Fewer Opportunities Require Auto Lender Sales Reps to Exceed Dealer Expectations

The J.D. Power Canada Dealer Financing Satisfaction Study is the most in-depth,..

Patrick Roosenberg
How do lenders stay top of mind with dealers with less on-site visits?

The J.D. Power Automotive Finance Team is excited to share some sneak peek..

Patrick Roosenberg
NPS Promoters Drive Lease Loyalty Significantly Higher

The J.D. Power Automotive Finance team is excited to share some sneak peek..

Michael Foy
Celebrating 20 Years of the J.D. Power U.S. Full-Service Investor Satisfaction Study
2022 marks the 20th consecutive year of the J.D. Power 2022 U.S. Full-Service..
Patrick Roosenberg
Opportunities To Win Auto Financing Customers Begin Before They Step Foot In A Dealership

Pre-approvals gain traction and are highly effective as 60% of customers..

James Houston
Effectively Competing for Mortgage Customers in 2022 and Beyond

Despite huge investments in technology, most mortgage lenders have struggled to..

Patrick Roosenberg
What Influences Auto Financing Consumers During the Shopping Process?

What influences and shapes the preferences and decisions of customers..

James Houston
Delivering a Differentiated Borrower Experience

The world has changed in the past two years and future homebuyers have a new..

Keith Bossey
Happy Belated CX Day!

I missed posting yesterday, so Happy Belated CX Day!

Patrick Roosenberg
Focus on the Fundamentals and Move Beyond Transactional

Dealer satisfaction is up for the industry since 2020, however, the 2021 J.D...

Patrick Roosenberg
Competitive Intelligence Drives Competitive Advantage

In a market constricted by supply challenges and increased demand, critical..

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