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'Buy now, pay later' is controversial — here are some alternatives

Apple's (AAPL) entrance into the "buy now, pay later" (BNPL) space earlier this month shook up a burgeoning industry — one that's encountering massive criticism as the specter of regulation persists.

By: Alexandra Garfinkle, ·Senior Reporter

J.D. Power In the News

BNPL, which allows consumers to pay for products in installments, is a "rapid-growth payment method" that's caught the attention of regulators, credit card issuers, and consumers, according to J.D. Power director of banking and payments intelligence John Cabell.

It's also caught the attention of some younger consumers, according to Cabell.

“Younger consumers are typically more budget-oriented, and typically have more constraints… so that’s what makes them most likely to use BNPL,” he said.

Critics say that BNPL isn't transparent about its risks, so we started asking: What do the alternative approaches to flexible fintech look like, especially for younger consumers looking to build out their financial wellbeing?

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