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Credit Card Shopping: New Insights Coming in 2021

In the payments industry, today's "wow" factor is tomorrow's baseline expectation. Providers can gain a short-term lift by introducing a new service or product feature, but soon enough the competition will introduce the same or better. Speedy and effective cross-functional decision-making at the highest levels depends on deciding which initiatives demand full attention because they create the most value for customers. Our work at J.D. Power has shown that strong analysis— based on the voices of the customers whose needs and expectations you are attempting to reach - is the key to making the best decisions.

After more than 15 years of bringing the voice of the cardholder to the industry, we are excited to bring you insights and expertise about a critical part of the card customer journey—shopping. This study was created in order to help card issuers understand what is driving consumers to choose among credit card products in the marketplace. The J.D. Power Credit Card Shopping Satisfaction Study investigates and provides critical insights about the experience of adults who have shopped for or opened a credit card within the past 12 months. Why are consumers shopping for cards? What are the drivers of decision-making to select specific cards, brands and networks for their credit needs?

Experiences Explored in the J.D. Power Credit Card Shopping Study

In the J.D. Power Credit Card Shopping Satisfaction Study, we pinpoint the factors that matter most to consumers who are shopping for a credit card. The study sets a quality benchmark for the industry, and provides a thorough understanding of the needs, expectations, and desires of today’s cardholders. Customers surveyed in these studies answer questions about key topics such as:


Brand Image
Drivers of brand perception
Impact of brand on product selection

Shopping Triggers
Sources of product information
Changes in personal finances and life events
Change in product features

Purchase Drivers
Most influential product features
Brand and experience elements
Role of credit card network


Card Usage
Monthly spend
Payment habits

Approach to Credit Cards
Spending patterns
Financial outlook

Current Events and Market Conditions
Satisfaction with card issuer response to Pandemic
Impact of the Pandemic on card usage

Other Topics:
Satisfaction with card experience
Buyer regret and card switching
Other banking accounts