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The Biggest Mistake Advisors Make Seeking Next-Gen Clients

Much has been made of the great wealth transfer and the opportunity for advisors to manage some of the estimated $70 trillion that will pass from boomers to the next generation over the next 20 years. There has been extensive dialogue on how the next generations differ and what advisors need to do to connect with the younger cohort. The importance of ESG, crypto investments, fielding younger advisors, more casual attire, and perhaps most commonly, the adoption of digital engagement, are bandied about.   

However, in our research we have found that for all the analyses of generational quirks and
preferences, when it comes to what younger clients value in financial advice, they often have
a lot more in common with their elders than not It's when we examine how they perceive
the experience of receiving great and valuable advice that disturbing cracks appear between
the generations.


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