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Switching Banks can be Hard but Here's 6 Reasons to do it Anyway

J.D. Power's Banking Intelligence team shared some switching data and perspectives with Forbes in a piece titled "6 Reasons To Break Up With Your Bank".

Article Excerpt:

Paul McAdam, senior director of banking services at market research company J.D. Power, cautions that switching banks can be a heavy lift. He changed banks about a year ago and spent a few hours making adjustments, such as reestablishing direct deposit and bill payment services. If you decide to jump from one bank to another, McAdams suggests asking family and friends for recommendations and researching banks online.

So, why should you get out of a rut and break up with your bank, even if it means carving out valuable time to do so? There happen to be six solid reasons to consider a bank swap, other than moving or another life change.

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