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New Insights Available: Auto Leases and Brand Loyalty

The J.D. Power End of Lease Satisfaction Study is the product of J.D. Power’s more than 53 years of automotive and financial services expertise. This analysis was created to better understand the shopping and lease-end processes that drive lease and brand retention.

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About the J.D. Power End of Lease Satisfaction Study

Retaining lease customers is crucial for dealer and lender profitability as they navigate a constricting market and economic downturn. Communication through customer-preferred channels is paramount as dealerships temporarily close and lease customers navigate an unprecedented event, uncertain of their available options to defer payments, extend or terminate their leases

We pinpoint the factors that matter most to leasees and drive their satisfaction. Using this data, we set a quality benchmark for the industry, and provides a thorough understanding of the needs, expectations, and desires of today’s automotive lease clients. To help you drive results, customers surveyed for this analysis answer questions about key topics such as:

  • Shopping – Online sources used to gather financing/lease info on new vehicle – Information received from new vehicle provider prior to financing new vehicle

  • Lease End Process – Lease-end information/communication received before lease end – When consideration for next vehicle began – What prompted consideration of next vehicle – Length of time before lease end customers decided to lease or purchase (months)

  • Lease End Inspection – Usefulness of lease-end information/communications provided before lease end – Ease of inspection process – Clarity of final settlement bill/statement – Impact of inspection process on overall customers satisfaction

  • Customer’s New Vehicle – What did customer do at the end of their lease? – Primary reason to lease again – Preferred channel for next vehicle financing (Digital vs. In person)

  • Current Events and Market Conditions – Customer awareness of lender’s response – Actions lenders executed in response to COVID-19 – Lender’s actions impact on NPS