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Intergenerational Wealth Transfer Remains an Unsolved Challenge for the Industry

Data from J.D. Power's Full-Service Investor research finds that intergenerational wealth transfer remains an unsolved challenge for the industry. While 74% of Boomer full-service investors reported they have a named next-generation beneficiary, just 28% said their advisor had asked about that beneficiary’s needs.

The J.D. Power U.S. Full-Service Investor Satisfaction Study is the longest-running and most in-depth, independent survey of clients whose investments are directed by an advisor. J.D. Power has provided clear, objective intelligence about this group of investors for nearly 20 years—from the time the dot com bubble burst and advisors first had access to a new search tool called Google.

Fast forward to today—the Full-Service Investor Study has undergone a number of redesigns to innovate and evolve alongside the dynamic marketplace it studies. We’ve achieved our reputation the same way any leader does: through really hard work. J.D. Power provides analysis that not only transcends simple historical trend data, but also offers key insights for the future.

With the emergence of self-directed platforms, investors have more options than ever, both within and outside the traditional full-service channel. We pinpoint the factors that matter most to investors and drive their satisfaction. The study sets a quality benchmark for the industry, and provides a thorough understanding of the needs, expectations, and desires of today’s investors.

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