A Why Behind a Redesign

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Apr 25, 2022 9:45:17 AM

There are a number of reasons why a syndicated study goes through a redesign process. In this post, we’re going to dive into just one of those reasons: cross-industry alignment. You’re likely familiar with our portfolio of studies across the numerous industries we serve, and many of those benchmark performance within a specific industry (e.g., Retail Banking Satisfaction Study). While benchmarking customer satisfaction against competitors within an industry is critical for both growth and retention, there are also learnings from outside of the industry that can help drive performance improvement. Particularly when it comes to digital.

When evaluating a company’s digital performance, a customer is most likely comparing their experience to digital channels in other industries rather than their experience with a competitor’s digital channel(s). How does my banking app compare to my travel app vs. how does health plan A’s app compare to health plan B’s app? Therefore, aligning channel studies like our Insurance Digital Experience Study (IDES) with the same model as our other digital experience studies, ranging from banking to automotive, allows us to better understand, explain, and apply digital best practices and customer preference insights.

This year the Insurance Digital Experience Study has been redesigned to better align with cross-industry insights from our digital portfolio of research. This alignment will benefit the insurance industry as they will be able to leverage cross industry insights, e.g. how do credit card issuers use alerts? How do banks educate customers on new app features? How do automotive manufacturers walk customers through complex processes? Insurers can apply many of those learning to claims processes as well as general engagement on digital properties (i.e., before an event takes place). We’re looking forward to exploring the results when the study publishes this May.

Stay tuned to the how do we do tag for more insights like this, including additional posts around study redesigns.

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