How Hospital Patient Satisfaction Fits In Your Strategy Toolkit

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Apr 10, 2024 8:45:08 AM

Most hospitals have many measurement, reporting and even benchmarking programs in place today.  So where does J.D. Power fit in your hospital's strategy toolkit? 

Satisfaction, Quality or Safety 

One way to answer that question is to ask another: When consumers are searching for information on hospital performance, what are they looking for? 

We answered this by evaluating Google search trends:   A graph of different colored lines

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When we compare the volume of search results between satisfaction, quality and safety, we found that the number of queries on hospital satisfaction outpace those for quality and safety.  This suggests a keen interest from patients regarding satisfaction. 

Different Programs for Different Applications 

Another way to answer the question is in the context of applications.  Some tools are best for focusing on inward-facing operational changes while others are outward-facing and focus using the patient lens. The J.D. Power Hospital Patient Satisfaction Program leverages Voice of the Patient survey data, giving your hospital insight into how satisfied patients are with their experience at your facility.

Some tools support tactical decisions, while some tools support strategic decisions. J.D. Power benchmarking and measurement programs support strategic decisions using an “outside-in” or patient-centric lens.  

A diagram of a company's strategy

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Where does the CMS quality program fit?  Given the operational quality origins of the program, we would put it in the tactical-operational quadrant. But to be fair, enough organizations use quality data to make strategic, patient-facing decisions that we have the CMS quality programs somewhere in the middle. 

The J.D. Power Hospital Patient Satisfaction Program was designed to be both patient-centric and to support strategic decisions, uniquely positioning it to be a key element in your overall strategic plans. 

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